Best Double DIN Car Stereos with Bluetooth

Pioneer AVH-P4400BH double din car stereo

Pioneer AVH-P4400BH


Price: $399

Overview: What Kenwood can do, Pioneer does it too! With a 6.95” touchscreen, the AVH-P4400BH DVD receiver has built-in Bluetooth and a HD Radio tuner. Initial Bluetooth pairing is a breeze and the automatic connection each time you get in your car is as fast as any you’ve ever seen. All the great features are there: highly customizable audio and graphics, iPod/iPhone/Pandora control, etc. It’s also really easy to use. At around $384, it’s probably the most complete double din car stereo for the money, which is why it’s so popular.

Alpine INE-S920HD double din head unit

Alpine INE-S920HD


Price (used): $585

Overview: DVD receiver with built-in 3D map navigation, with all the info you need in real-time, built-in HD Radio tuner & excellent Bluetooth from Parrot. Pandora control through USB for iPhones and through Bluetooth for Android & Blackberry. iPod DAC bypass that plays the music with its own Alpine built-in DAC processors which provide superior sound quality. Adjusting the sound settings (of which there are a lot!) is however difficult while driving. The volume knob is a big plus. Favorites screen makes it quick and simple to get the most frequently used items. The INE-S920HD also features split screen for audio control and navigation. Start-up loading time is fast. And to put the cherry on the cake, this unit has a removable face plate!

Alpine INE-Z928HD double-din car stereo

Alpine INE-Z928HD


Price: $1,060

Overview: 8” display… That’s right. 30% more screen area than you get from a 7" screen. To make it fit, Alpine has developed a line of Perfect Fit packages, each designed to accommodate the INE-Z928HD in a specific vehicle. The INE-2928HD has built-in 3D map navigation with real navigation voices, a built-in HD radio tuner and superior Bluetooth capability. Also with iPod & iPhone control, and Pandora Internet radio streams perfectly (works with iPhone, Android & Blackberry). This is the most expensive unit of the bunch (which is why we put it in 5th), but also the most complete. You will not find a single thing to dislike. If you’re not willing to shell out the extra money for the extra-sized display, we recommend you go with the INE-S920HD, which is as complete but costs almost half as much.

Alpine IVE-W530 double-din car stereo

Alpine IVE-W530


Price: $392

Overview: DVD receiver with 6.1” touchscreen display and built-in iPod control via USB. The sound quality is amazing (with incredible bass), and the panel has a good old volume rotary knob. However, this unit is a bit short on features when compared to others in the same price range: no HD radio, and it doesn’t work with 5th Gen iPod video or 2nd Gen iPod Nano, and Bluetooth needs some improvement. At this price, Pioneer’s AVH-P4400BH is better (more features, better sound quality & full iPod support), though the IVE-W530 is a double-din receiver to seriously consider.

Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS double-din head unit

Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS


Price: $339

Overview: DVD receiver with 7” touchscreen, built-in Bluetooth and HD Radio tuner. The sound is highly customizable with an 8-band EQ, and Pioneer's Advanced Sound Retriever perks up the flat sound of compressed music by restoring high-frequency information. The 4 Volt pre-outs reproduce music beautifully. SiriusXM radio integration is possible (while it is not on Pioneer’s AVH-P4400BH), although a known issue is that SiriusXM will not be recognized as a source if you also have Metra AXXESS AWSC steering wheel control interface (you would need an alternate steering wheel interface).

Pioneer AVH-P8400BH double din head unit

Pioneer AVH-P8400BH


Price (used): $350

Overview: One of the most popular double-din DVD receivers. 6.95” touchscreen with vivid and clear resolution, built-in Bluetooth and HD Radio Tuner, but no navigation. Powerful built-in amp. Appealing user interface. Loads up almost instantly. Removable face plate. Despite this list of perks, there are some known issues with iPod/iPhone controls in App Mode, adding to the occasional screen freezing and necessary steps that don’t make any sense. Also, video and headunit control don’t work with iPhone 5 (no problem if your main source is an iPod). For the price it costs, we recommend a car stereo further up this list.

Kenwood DDX-719 double din car stereo with Bluetooth

Kenwood DDX-719


Price (used): $459

Overview: 6.95” touchscreen (the receiver still retains some small physical buttons) with WVGA resolution, with DVD playback and built-in Bluetooth. Bluetooth Audio connects fast and works great. Compatible with SiriusXM tuner. App mode up to the iPhone 4 (Netflix, Pandora & MotionX GPS…). However, for the most part, this unit won’t work with an iPhone 5, and Kenwood will not be releasing a firmware update to remedy that problem. Having Garmin nav from your iPhone work with the DDX-719 costs an additional $100, although there are other free apps through App mode (namely the WAZE app which can be displayed on the receiver’s screen), which will require constant network connection. The iPod hookup also needs to be bought separately (for $30), as well as a remote control. We could have expected better from Kenwood… Beside this, the unit is very easy to use, with intuitive controls (yes, the interface seems a bit dated), and sound great (but we wouldn’t be expecting any less from a $300+ double-din car stereo).

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